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    At Seminole Asphalt Paving, Inc. we offer exceptional paving services for commercial and industrial businesses including, municipalities, apartment complexes, subdivisions, motels, restaurants, and shopping centers. We dedicate our time to making sure the job is completed right the first time and on time.

    We are licensed, bonded, and insured. Contact us today for all of your paving needs - we also offer new paving, resurfacing, and repairs of driveways and parking lots, sealing .


    Asphalt Overlay:

    Generally, the asphalt pavement surface of a residential or commercial property parking lot or street has a usable life of seventeen to twenty years, all dependent upon usage and maintenance. An asphalt overlay is a new layer of asphalt applied to a structurally sound (repaired as necessary) but worn and deteriorating surface. This application re-sets the pavement life. An overlay also levels depressions developed over time across the surface of the existing pavement. Edge milling should be performed in conjunction with an overlay whenever the pavement is bordered by concrete. This allows for a smooth transition between the concrete and the new layer of asphalt.


    New Construction :

    Installing new asphalt and repairing damaged pavement is what we do most often. For an asphalt paving job to be done right, you need to have the right equipment, proper materials, and people who know how to use them. At Seminole Asphalt Paving we believe no one does it better. Our grading crews can prepare your job site from balancing the subgrade to installation and finish grading the aggregate base. This is essential for the proper results and long life of your asphalt pavement. Our paving crews can handle jobs from small parking lots with light traffic specs to heavy duty specs. Let our helpful staff design the right specs for your exact paving needs.



    Bobcat Milling:

    Edge Milling is performed when resurfacing roadways or streets in order to provide a smooth transition between the gutter pan of the curb and gutter, at transition areas such as handicap ramps and adjoining concrete surfaces and at entrances and exits to public streets or adjoining areas that are not going to be resurfaced.

    Butt Milling is a beveled mill. In other words, the area flush with the gutter pan is milled down to the depth of the contracted resurfacing and the outer edge of the milled area is to no depth. Therefore, the area milled will transition from usually one and half inches at the curb and slope to no depth at the outer edge of the milled area.

    A bobcat mill will usually mill the corners of the parking bays and any other areas found to be inaccessible to the milling machine. The area will then be cleaned of debris.



    When it comes to striping, we at Seminole Asphalt Paving use DOT approved contractor grade latex for all our new asphalt, existing asphalt & seal-coated jobs.

    ADA Compliance- In July 1990 the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) was signed into law. ADA compliance is in affect for every business owner big or small.

    Seal coating is one of the most important maintenance services you can perform to keep your lot protected and safe for your customer.
    Asphalt pavements are subject to deterioration due to water, ultraviolet rays and petroleum contamination. Sealcoat provides a protective barrier between these leading causes of deterioration. 
    The keys to quality seal coating are preparation and using superior products in the application.
    We believe that no other contractor spends the preparation time that Seminole Asphalt Paving does for seal coating.
    This includes site visit with owner or property managers to layout and coordinate the job, thorough cleaning of property, blocking off areas, and applying two coats of premium sealer.  You can also expect our crews to work in a professional and courteous manner and careful planning and efficient operation; we can minimize disruption to your business.